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EU Observer June 5th, 2017

Cigarette tracking rules risk being derailed by lobbyists

Tobacco Control/BMJ February 22nd, 2017

Recent further investigations by the author of Why it is bad, Oscar Larsson, have uncovered further concerning details about the company’s lack of independence.

JDD November 2016

The creature did not really escape the creator

ENSP October 9th, 2016

Three out of four board members with authority to sign for Inexto have previously worked in Philip Morris International, and one of them, Philippe Chatelain, is still currently listed as an executive of Philip Morris Product SA.


Tobacco Control/BMJ: September 6th 2016

If the new company’s purpose is to continue to promote Codentify as a track and trace system allegedly in compliance with the (FCTC illicit trade) protocol, then this independence is irrelevant since…analyses of Codentify have found it not to be compliant with protocol recommendations


EU Observer:June 21st, 2016

“Big Tobacco suspected of dodging EU anti-smuggling rules”


EU Observer: Febuary 15th, 2016

The deal, between the EU, member states and PMI, included payments by the firm to the EU and member states of around €1 billion over a period of 12 years, and close cooperation between PMI and the EU’s anti-fraud agency Olaf. Since then, similar deals have been made with other major tobacco firms.


The Irish Times: October 10th, 2015′

Most of the biggest corporations in the world, from Google to British American Tobacco, to Shell and BP, have established a presence in the cobblestone streets around the EU quarter

BMJ Blogs: June 17th 2015

Big tobacco, Interpol & Codentify: potential problems with industry product tracking systems.

The Guardian: May 31st 2015

Minister worked as spin doctor for tobacco giant that paid workers…

Asian Tribune: may 31st 2015
The Codentify system uses relatively unsecured commercially available equipment on sites where operators may have a vested interest in misusing it.

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