UPDATE: EU Health Commissions changes to TBD

Just wanted to publish a short update on the EU Health Commission’s Tobacco Products Directive:

According to Commission Spokesperson Anca Padurara, changes have been made to the draft acts, the commission at this time will not share the details of those changes. Padurara added that the drafts are being discussed as this article is being published in the relevant committee comprised of Member State tax, health and customs representatives.

I hope that the commission has listened to the dozens of voices who provided them feedback that the draft acts must be amended to include a stricter definition of independent providers that also would exclude any provider for subcontract work out to a tobacco industry related solution such as Codentify or Inexto. Feedback in this regard was submitted by leading NGO’s from Europe and beyond, members of the European Parliament and even members of European government parliaments.


I implore the Member State representatives and the Commission members involved in this decision to insure big tobacco cannot be involved in their own regulation and insure only a truly independent provider be allowed to be entrusted to track and trace tobacco products.


More to come…

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