With BAT you must look to the past to understand the future

151222151606-naira-super-169How greedy can a company get Pretty greedy, and vile, it seems.
British American Tobacco is the UK’s fifth largest company and made more than $7 billion in profit last year. But somehow that’s not enough for these giant cancer merchants. No, unfortunately the ethically-barren executives at BAT feel the need to poison public policy on other continents in order to suit their needs and squeeze a few extra Pounds Sterling out of the defenseless, uneducated and destitute citizens of East Africa.

I honestly don’t know where to begin. I recently watched a British investigative show called Panorama, which explored the illegal activities that BAT was involved in throughout East Africa. In one of the opening sequences, they showed an old commercial for Lucky Strike cigarettes, the same commercial I’m sure my dad was watching back in his day when his father was a smoker of Lucky Strike. When the program clued me in that BAT owned Lucky Strike, I couldn’t look away. I had to know where all the money my grandad had spent on packs of cigs went for all those years.

As it turns out, the money was apparently well spent for BAT, and its shareholders. BAT was bribing policymakers and influencers in East African countries like Rwanda and Burundi to scale back
As someone who has made a name for himself because of the information I released from tobacco insiders, I was drawn to this report due to its own foundations in whistle-blower sources. Although my insider sources have exposed the problems with CODENTIFTY, the big tobacco has many more skeletons in their closets. According to the report, this is only the information we received from one whistleblower. Since I watched this, I’ve sat and wondered how much BAT is doing behind the scenes that we don’t even know about, and how many potential whistleblowers still exist all around the world.

The particular whistleblower who outed this latest collection of private emails and documents is Paul Hopkins. For many years he did many bad things for BAT.

Bribing Sure.

Extortion Obviously.

Illegal activity Most definitely.

Physical abuse It certainly seems that way.

From what I gather, Hopkins was a former Irish Special Ops soldier in the British armed forces, and he ultimately became BAT’s go-to man for making sure that no tobacco-related legislation occurred in East African countries. That includes campaigns and health bills that would prevent the sale of their cigarettes to certain at-risk individuals. Their goal was to stamp out all tobacco-awareness; all potential taxes to pay; and grease up the right people who could get their products sold – all for an extra buck, and that brief rush of dominance one feels when they do something horrible.

While I do commend Hopkins for coming forward and revealing all of this, he has admitted to some pretty horrific activity on behalf of BAT  “My job was to make sure the competition never got a breathing space…BAT is bribing people, and I’m facilitating it. The reality is if…they have to break the rules, they will break the rules.”

To what lows are tobacco companies – especially BAT – willing to stoop in order to keep killing people who don’t know better I don’t believe they have a limit, as this British show suggests. In fact, I think that stories like Hopkins’ are only the tip of the iceberg in the historic cancer-injecting sham that is the tobacco industry.

I mean let’s think about it for a second not only do companies like British American Tobacco make billions of dollars a year in profit virtually killing people they’ve never met. But they’ll do anything, literally anything to make sure that people don’t know about the nature of their products and to throw money at the people who could block any such legislation. Moreover, they can throw heaps of cash at impressionable policymakers who can save them a few bucks on tax exemptions, etc. I guess their return on investment must be that good!

Take CODENTIFY, the new tracking technology that Big Tobacco is trying to implement into the European Parliament. I have no doubt that their lobbyists spent an obscene amount of cash trying to sell the technological innovations and utility of CODENTIFY to the MEPs. I’ll bet they even stuffed he pockets of the Members of Parliament themselves, just to make sure they didn’t face any trouble.

And what do you know  CODENTIFY was actually developed by Big Tobacco itself.

You may be asking why that’s so strange. Well, I should have you know that the primary reason for such a technology would be to track smuggled tobacco. Smuggled tobacco products have become a massive issue for Europe because not only do their profits evade taxes that would benefit the average citizen, but the products themselves have not been checked by customs to confirm their ingredients.

So as it turns out, the wannabe murderers at Big Tobacco have taken it upon themselves to invent their own system that completely disregards any other the needs of such a tracking system. In fact, Codentify seems to actually enable the smuggling of products since it doesn’t include a track-and-trace functionality.

But alas, none of this is actually surprising. When I said there was no low that Big Tobacco wouldn’t stoop I meant it. That’s because if you do even a little basic research you’ll find evidence that many tobacco companies actually depend on the illegal smuggling of their products to gain profits. It’s smart business, really. I mean if you could find a way to sell an inferior version of your product at high markups to soon-to-be addicted youngsters and not pay taxes, wouldn’t you You would if you were Big Tobacco.

So the next time you see someone smoking a cigarette, ask yourself a few questions.

First, would this person be smoking if he/she wasn’t addicted
Second, how far would the tobacco industry go to keep this person smoking
Lastly, how much longer will this poor soul last Unfortunately the answer to this one is probably not long.

But just know that when one smoker dies in the West, companies like British American Tobacco are going after five more uneducated kids in the East to hook until their premature death.

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