Codentify IS a Monopoly

Lately I have been hearing some interesting claims from the tobacco industry in response to some of my blog posts and the many other great arguments being made by the larger tobacco control movement. While I strongly support embracing a track and trace solution which will be totally independent of the big tobacco companies influence and pressure, these companies oppose an autonomous solution and provide two main pseudo-economic arguments in their favor.

  1. An independent solution would create a “monopolistic” control by a third-party.
  2.  It would cost the government much more than the “free” solution the industry itself is providing. IE Codentify

Lets start with the first argument: Big tobacco calling a third-party solution reminds me of the famous quote by Inigo Montoya in the Princes Bride.

inigo montioya

When a certain company, in our case a conglomeration of 4 HUGE companies who are in complete control of their industry, use their influence to also become the industries ONLY regulatory technological provider it sounds like even more of a monopoly to me.

This wouldn’t only erase any chances of smaller competitors surviving in the tobacco industry it would also bring a bad name to the track and trace industry as a whole.

As for the second argument: if the first argument is a “misinterpretation” or “misunderstanding” of the word monopoly then this second argument is just plain misleading. The industry’s offer to provide a solution is very short sighted. The industry regulating itself would be the equivalent of a country doing away with their taxes and revenues department and just trusting their citizens  and business to pay the right amount. it’s just outright ridiculous.

The idea is rather simple, one invests in a regulatory system in order to save in the long run. Allowing the industry to regulate itself for the government would mean certain long term losses as Codentify is designed to cheat by creating counterfeit packs.

The bottom line is even more simple. Codentify is not an solution. Join me in telling the EU they cannot accept Codentify, which is actually something they are considering.  Sign my petition!

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