Dear John Smith AKA Whatever Your Name is.

jon smith commentHey everyone, So the tobacco industry has been causing me a lot of problems lately. They have now decided to comment on one of my posts under the name John Smith. The following post is response to whoever John really is.

Dear John,

First of all, I am glad we are finally im touch and you have decided to try and respond to my research. I must begin with it being truly a shame that what you wrote in your comment is not something you are willing to say to the general public using your real name, or whoever you are.

In all of my posts, I didn’t say shipping cases were not tracked by the industry, I’m sure it is selectively tracking some of it’s merchandise, for commercial reasons… What I continue to say is that when I buy a Codentify certified pack, I canot be sure that the product is genuine and that all taxes were paid to the right authorities.

Moreover, the additional information you’ve submitted (storage of 50 bundles X 10 pack Codentify codes) is NOT MENTIONED in the OFFICIAL site you’ve mentioned yourself (that basically has only commercial brochoures with no technical data). Storage of these codes raises other security issues, and the industry itself was damn proud they’re not storing codes anywhere in their previous presentations…

Don’t get me wrong, I would enjoy receiving actual, formal and official technical information.

Keep in touch.


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